Fresh look, sunshine, and summer NA beers

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Welcome to this week's edition of the BWAB Newsletter 👋

A quick gulp of NA news, interviews, and musings from around the internet.

Fresh Look, Sunshine, and Warm-weather NA Beers

If you head to you may notice a slight face lift. Beer Without a Buzz has done some growing and evolving since I started it a couple years ago. You can read more about why I did that in the first place here. I love growing things from scratch and that's exactly what I have done with BWAB so far.

I started drinking NA beer and saw a big need for content to answer some of the questions I had -- where can I find out more about these brands? How can I discover other brewers making NA? Why does this seem like it is still kind of under the radar?

The writing was on the wall (still is) about how big this industry is going to be, so I built a website and starting blogging and eventually had a great run of podcast episodes where I interviewed CEOs, Founders, and Brewers to learn more about the craft non-alcoholic beer scene. Most recently, I even "reviewed" a different NA beer every single day of Dry January on Instagram.

Things were going good -- lots of people really enjoying the content, discovering new beers, learning that they weren't alone in their non-drinking for whatever reason, for however long.

So now what?

The only problem? I pretty much don't listen to podcasts anymore. And if I'm being honest I really don't love social media. Like many of you, I am busy. I'm a dad, I stay active, I have an involved job. So I asked myself... if I wouldn't even listen to this, why am I making it? If I don't scroll through IG, why am I posting?

I figured someone like me is probably my target audience. But if I'm wrong, I'll adapt.

I created BWAB because I really believe in advocating for the social-acceptance of not drinking and I wanted to spread the word. So it begs the question, how do I learn about new things or dive deeper into the topics I am interested in if not through the mediums I've been exploring (podcasts, social, etc.)? Honestly it's through short, written content via email and articles.

And thus explains the most recent pivot... a focus on the newsletter.

As a digital marketer by day, I subscribe to some newsletters that actually bring me value. I figured I'd try to do the same 😎

So that means the podcast is on a hiatus, and my posting on social will be limited.

A side-gig to my side-gig

At the same time, I have been starting doing some copywriting and content marketing consulting for some NA beverage brands (a real sweet spot for me) and I feel like I've found a good groove. Hit me up if you want to learn more about that.

Thanks for reading this far... and for following along on this ever-changing ride.

Let me know what you think of all this. What are your favorite ways to stay engaged with communities and topics you love?

Warm-weather beers I'm excited to crack open now that the ☀️ is here in Indy

  1. This new Hazy IPA from Crux Fermentation Project is probably great in all seasons but it is pretty light and hits the spot
  2. Gotta go with some of the fruity guys from Untitled Art
  3. Bravus Blood Orange IPA (or the Gose)
  4. Mostly though, it's gonna be lawnmower beers.
    1. AL's
    2. Athletic Lite
    3. Macros -- here's my fave.
  5. Sorry Guinness, glad you're here but I'll probably wait til fall.

A little bit of news

Funding announcements in NA beer are great! Our friends at NA Beer Club covered this 16.5 Million Series B from Partake 💰

What are you drinking on the porch this spring? Hit reply and share!


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